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Summary by Harakoni

Appears to be resolved - feel free to reopen if not.

Ickputzdirwech (talkcontribs)

I think moving the "need" quote into the withdrawal section is not quite right. From a design perspective I agree. But the need is present due to the addiction, not the withdrawal.

Also the line break is part of the original text.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

My thinking was thus: While the need is present due to the addiction not the withdrawal, the withdrawal IS present due to the need, and the need description explains succinctly why the withdrawal happens. The quotes are also ultimately there for aesthetics and curiosity rather than content, so picking a layout that was better for phone and low resolution users (and looked better generally imo) was more important. But I'm not wedded to the idea, and to be clear I'm not acting as a mod in this, just an editor. If you disagree with that reasoning, we can change it back or to something different again.

As for the line break - formatting is generally flexible while content generally isn't. Take the double new lines in item descriptions. With the wiki formatting in the infoboxes, they're unnecessary over a single break (and sometimes over none) as its still perfectly legible, and it shrinks the already large infoboxes down a bit. My rule of thumb is that you retain formatting unless theres a reason not to. But again, not a hard and fast ruling.

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