Surgery Success Chance Factor

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Surgery Success Chance Factor is a stat: A multiplier to the chance that a surgery will succeed when performed here. Surgery success chances are also affected by many other factors, including the surgeon's ability and medicine used. Its minimum allowed value is 0%. Its default value is 100%. This stat is applied to beds and other sleep furniture.

  • Note that this stat is specific to the base Surgery Success Chance Factor of a given type of sleep furniture.
  • When placed in-world, the Surgery Success Chance Factor of a specific item of sleep furniture changes. It is additionally weighted by environmental factors.

In other words, "Surgery Success Chance Factor" is the stat of the bed item and its location.


When placed in-world, the specific item of Sleep furniture has its Surgery Success Chance Factor stat adjusted based on its environment.

This is calculated as:

Surgery Success Chance Factoritem = (Base stattype + Facility Offset) × Room Cleanliness Multiplier × Light Multiplier × Outdoors Multiplier × Quality Multiplier

Base stat[edit]

Every type of sleep furniture's Surgery Success Chance Factor has a base value stat assigned as follows.

Sleep furniture typeSurgery Success Chance Factor
Ancient bed0.65
Animal bed1
Animal sleeping box1
Animal sleeping spot0.7
Double bed1
Double bedroll1
Double sleeping spot0.7
Hospital bed1.1
Royal bed1
Slab bed1
Slab double bed1
Sleeping spot0.7

Facility Offset[edit]

In addition, facilities placed adjacent to the head of the item of sleep furniture can adjust the stat of the placed item.

The result of these additional factors are displayed under the Facilities heading within the Stats tab of the information page.

Facility Type Offset
Vitals monitor +0.05

Room Cleanliness Multiplier[edit]

The room cleanliness factor for performing surgery is a determined by the value displayed on the room's cleanliness by the following curve:

-5 0.6
0 1
5 1.15

This can be translated into the following formulas:

Range Formula
Room cleanliness < 0 Room Cleanliness Multiplier = 1 + Room cleanliness × 0.08
Room cleanliness > 0 Room Cleanliness Multiplier = 1 + Room cleanliness × 0.03

The value is limited to a minimum of 0.6 for -5 cleanliness and a theoretical maximum of 1.15 for 5 cleanliness, which is practical limited to 1.018 by the highest available cleanliness of 0.6 of the sterile tile.

If the surgery is performed outside (i.e. not in a room at all), the cleanliness factor is treated as the minimum (0.6).

Light Multiplier[edit]

Extremely low levels of light negatively affect the resulting value.

In complete darkness, this can be as little as 0.75. At 50% light level and above, a factor of 1 is applied.

This is referred to as Multiplier for light within the Stats tab of the information page.

Multiplier for Light = 0.75 + Light Level × 0.5

Outdoors Multiplier[edit]

If the item of sleep furniture is placed performed outdoors (i.e. there is no room of which the cleanliness may be assessed), an additional multiplier of 0.85 is applied to the resulting chance of surgery success.

Environment Type Multiplier
Indoors 1
Outdoors 0.85

Quality Factor[edit]

A multiplier based on the quality of the specific item is applied. This is referred to as the Quality Multiplier within the Stats tab of the information page.

Quality Multiplier
Awful 0.9
Poor 0.95
Normal 1
Good 1.05
Excellent 1.1
Masterwork 1.15
Legendary 1.3