Signal chip

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Signal chip

Signal chip

A mechanoid-band synchronization micro-organ. It is necessary to produce certain advanced types of mechanoids and equipment.
A mechanitor can study this chip to help unlock higher tiers of mechtech research.

Base Stats

Market Value
500 Silver
Stack Limit
1 kg
Deterioration Rate

Signal chips are a resource added by the Biotech DLC.


A single signal chip will be dropped by a hostile diabolus upon death, regardless of whether the diabolus is summoned by the comms console or spawned naturally as part of a raid. It is not relevant who kills the diabolus - a diabolus killed by other factions, wild animals, or berserk mechanoids still drop the signal chip. Player controlled diaboli will not drop a signal chip.


Signal chips are used to create various mechanitor items, and studying one at a research bench is required to research Standard Mechtech. The chip is not consumed in the process of studying it.

They are used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Mechcommander helmet Mechcommander helmet Content added by the Biotech DLC Plasteel 60 + Component 6 + Signal chip 1 Gear - Armor
    Bandwidth pack Bandwidth pack Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 50 + Component 8 + Signal chip 2 Gear - Utility
    Diabolus Diabolus Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 300 + Plasteel 300 + Signal chip 2 + High subcore 1 Mechanoid
    Control sublink (standard) Control sublink (standard) Content added by the Biotech DLC Signal chip 1 + Component 4 Medical Items - Body Parts
    Mech gestation processor Mech gestation processor Content added by the Biotech DLC Signal chip 1 + Component 6 Medical Items - Body Parts
  • Analysis[edit]

    Signal chips are the main reason to call in and fight a diabolus. Standard Mechtech gives access to a variety of mechs (pikeman, scyther, scorcher, tunneler), and a few mechanitor items.

    Once you have studied a signal chip, bandwidth packs are often the most helpful use of signal chips. For Steel 50 Steel, Component 8 Components, Signal chip 2 Signal chips, this item gives +9 bandwidth and never degrades, nor can it shut down like a band node. Compared to other signal chip items:

    • The mechcommander helmet gives +6 bandwidth for 1 signal chip. However, the array headset also gives +6 bandwidth and occupies the head slot. The advantage of the mechcommander helmet is that it gives the protection of a flak helmet while also giving bandwidth. For mechanitors hiding in the backlines, this helmet doesn't see too much use.
    • Standard control sublinks give +6% Global Work Speed to all labor mechs, for 1 signal chip. The bandwidth pack can give up to 9 more labor mechs, which usually results in more productivity; basic mechs aren't very expensive. Once you have bandwidth packs on all available mechanitors, further signal chips can be used to make control sublinks. You can install up to 3 standard sublinks per mechanitor, with high sublinks instead using powerfocus chips.
    • You can gestate a friendly diabolus using 2 signal chips and some other resources. Diaboli can be very powerful as allies, but are expensive for both materials and bandwidth. They also require High Mechtech to create.

    In the lategame/endgame, diaboli can be summoned and farmed for their steel. Any excess signal chips can be sold to exotic goods traders.

    Version history[edit]

    • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.4.3531 - Flammability reduced to 0%.
    • 1.4.3555 - Updated textures for all super-mechanoid chips to look more appropriately ultratech than archotech.

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