Shield core

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Shield core

Shield core

A piece of ultratechnology that can generate a momentum-repulsor shield. This can't do anything on its own, but it is necessary to craft some other usable shield items. Shield cores can be obtained by deconstructing mechanoid shield generators.

Base Stats

Exotic Items
Tech Level
Market Value
350 Silver
2 kg

A shield core is an uncraftable item used in the creation of low-shield packs sourced from the deconstruction of mech high-shield and mech low-shield in mechanoid clusters.


Shield cores cannot be crafted. Instead they can only[Trade?] be obtained by deconstructing mech high-shields and mech low-shields in mechanoid clusters. Note that the cluster must be defeated, with all defenses, condition causers, and mech assemblers destroyed, before you can deconstruct the shields. Destroying the shields will not result in a shield core.


The only uses for a shield core are sale to traders and the crafting of low-shield packs in the following quantity:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Low-shield pack Low-shield pack Content added by the Royalty DLC Shield core 1 + Component 1 Gear - Utility
  • Analysis[edit]

    Should not be relied on as only source of low shield packs, but good for supplementing supplies.

    Version history[edit]

    • 1.2.2719 - Added, possibly under the name broadshield unit.[Verify]