Psychic droner

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Psychic droner

Psychic droner

An archotech device transmitting the thoughts of a mad superintelligence. It generates a massive psychic drone tuned to one gender and affecting a whole region of the planet. People of that gender will be disturbed by the effect, reducing their mood and possibly driving them insane. The effect is modulated by an individual's psychic sensitivity.

Base Stats

BuildingMechanoid cluster


6 × 6
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Destroy yield
Steel 60 + Component 1 + Plasteel 10 + Steel slag chunk 4

Psychic droners are mechanoid cluster and quest condition causers that inflict a psychic drone in a 10 world-tile radius.


Psychic droners inflict a medium psychic drone in a 10 world-tile radius, whether it be the player's colony or on an event map. This reduces mood of a specific gender by −22, which is then multiplied by their Psychic Sensitivity. Unlike crashed psychic ships, the severity does not escalate over time, nor will it cause animals to go mad.

The effects of multiple psychic droner buildings can stack, unlike the psychic ship.


Treat psychic droners like you would a crashed psychic ship, except that it doesn't escalate. Depending on how well mood is throughout your colony, the droner can range from a manageable threat to an immediate priority to destroy.

If mood is critically low, then consider using lavish meals or drugs like beer, smokeleaf, and yayo. A psychic foil helmet can mitigate the effects of the drone. If the psychic drone only affects a small portion of your colony, then this building is less important to take out. In these cases, it can be mitigated by pampering the few affected by the drone.

Caravans are especially vulnerable to the droner, as there are less comforts when away from your base. Make sure to pack meals or pemmican and bring bedrolls so that your colonists will be less upset. If the psychic droner is on an event tile, then you can use transport pods to drop directly in the droner's map, negating the negative mood from traveling.