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This tutorial was originally written by Jecrell. Thread.

Required Items[edit]

Notepad++ or Atom or Sublime Text or VSCode Use any text editor that allows you to edit XML files and use "Find in Files" for referencing.
Visual Studio Community Use this or any other C# compiler to turn scripts into .dll files that RimWorld can use.
dnSpy or ILSpy This is for referencing the game's decompiled C# scripts.

Optional Goodies[edit]

Rimworld Mod Development Cookiecutter
This is a tool for developers to begin mods more quickly, eliminating the overhead of setting up a new project.

Editors note: Unlike the linked tutorial I don't recommend the cookiecutter, for the following reasons.

  1. The cookiecutter is still on B18.
  2. This tutorial is about understanding the basics of modding first. You can cut corners later.
  3. Setting up the cookiecutter is surprisingly error prone for beginners.
  4. It's more time-consuming to adjust the very specific environment it sets up to suit your tastes than it is to set up an environment from scratch.
  5. It's difficult to fix errors of which you don't know the cause.

See also[edit]

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More in-depth[edit]