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This tutorial was originally written by Jecrell. Thread.

Connecting XML and C#[edit]

For the next part of the tutorial, we are going to use C# code to create a custom ThingDef blueprint type, and we're going to create a custom class for our Thing to use in-game when it spawns. Before we can get to C# however, we need to "bridge" XML and C# by pointing the XML to use our C# code. First, decide your mod's namespace. This prevents RimWorld from being confused by other mods. This is the name RimWorld knows to use for your C# code. For the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to use Plague.

The following XML will not work in-game until we've written the C# code and created an assembly (.dll file) for our mod.

  1. Change the line for the ThingDef to reference a custom ThingDef class.
    <ThingDef Class="Plague.ThingDef_PlagueBullet" ParentName="BaseBullet">
  2. Add three more lines to the thing def before the closing tag (</ThingDef>).
    • AddHediffChance and HediffToAdd will give us a percentage of success to add a Hediff of our choice in XML (in this case we're using Plague). We will code how these parameters are used in the C# Coding section.

Completed example[edit]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

  <!-- ================================= Industrial ==================================== -->

  <ThingDef Class="Plague.ThingDef_PlagueBullet" ParentName="BaseBullet">
    <label>plague bullet</label>

  <!-- The Plague Gun has been left out of this example for the sake of brevity.  -->


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