Modding Tutorials/First Steps

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Modding Tutorials

Roaring to go? Here's a good tutorial that introduces a lot of things gradually. Want to take it slow? Smart. It's strongly recommended to do the following before you start making a mod:

Step 1: Search for a mod already doing what you want

Seriously. There are so many mods, there is generally one, probably of high quality, doing what you want it to. You might not need to make a mod!

Step 2: Read Other Info On Modding

Step 3: One Time Reads

Step 4: Useful Links, Reference Constantly

Step 5: Tutorials by Others

Step 6: Reference the works of others

It's how most of us learned how2mod.

  • Core. If it's (close to) something that already exists in RimWorld, use what RimWorld provides you. What better source of "how to do X" than the game itself?
  • Maybe there's some inspiration on this list of modders and their GitHub links
  • Use GitHub search to find how other modders handled a problem
  • Use Google because it works.