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Modding Tutorials

Roaring to go? Here's a good tutorial that introduces a lot of things gradually. Want to take it slow? Smart. It's strongly recommended to do the following before you start making a mod:

Step 1: Search for a mod already doing what you want[edit]

Seriously. There are so many mods, there is generally one, probably of high quality, doing what you want it to. You might not need to make a mod!

Step 2: Read Other Info On Modding[edit]

Step 3: One Time Reads[edit]

Step 4: Useful Links, Reference Constantly[edit]

Step 5: Tutorials by Others[edit]

Step 6: Reference the works of others[edit]

It's how most of us learned how2mod.

  • Core. If it's (close to) something that already exists in RimWorld, use what RimWorld provides you. What better source of "how to do X" than the game itself?
  • Maybe there's some inspiration on this list of modders and their GitHub links
  • Use GitHub search to find how other modders handled a problem
  • Use Google because it works.