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This page contains a plethora of unorganized pieces of information found in the forums. The reason that it is unorganized is because the articles in which these tips belong to have not been fully developed yet, and so if a single piece of information wants to be added, a whole bunch of other information must be accompanied with it as well. It's like trying to describe something about a character in a novel that doesn't fit in any of the chapters, but you can't make a one-sentence chapter and expect to get away with it.



Diets can be defined using the diet field. Options are NeverEats, Omnivorous, Herbivorous, and Carnivorous. There is no option that allows races to automatically become predators if they're hungry, though. [1]



wildSpawn_EcoSystemWeight in PawnKinds_Animals.xml can be used to limit the amount of animals in a world.[2]


You can't use researchPrerequisite on a cooking recipe.[3]


DLL Modding

accessing def lists in dll

There is a global variable called DefDatabase<ThingDef>.AllDefsListForReading which returns a list of all the loaded defs.