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Miscellaneous objects that do not fit neatly under one of the other Architect categories, from simple graves to keep your dead in, to a Comms console that can contact nearby space ships, to various "spots" for specific social or commercial purposes, and much, much more.

Caravan hitching spot Comms console Cryptosleep casket Egg box Firefoam popper Grave Ground-penetrating scanner Long-range mineral scanner Marriage spot Moisture pump
Multi-analyzer Orbital trade beacon Party spot Pen marker Pod launcher Sarcophagus Large stele Grand stele Transport pod Tool cabinet
Vitals monitor Meditation spot Small nature shrine Large nature shrine Ship landing beacon Small altar Medium altar Large altar Grand altar Ideogram
Ritual spot Lectern Pew Kneel pillow Kneel sheet Drum Lightball Loudspeaker Christmas tree Pyre
Sacrificial flag Effigy Cannibal platter Burnbong Incense shrine Autobong Sleep accelerator Biosculpter pod Neural supercharger Gibbet cage