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Wood from trees or other fibrous plants. Useful for building structures, weapons, and even simple prosthetics. A raw stick of wood can be used as a weapon in a pinch.

Wood logs are vital to early game construction and crafting. You are given a number of wood logs at the start of the game and can gather more from trees using the Chop Wood command. Bulk goods traders will also buy and sell wood.

Market Value 1.2 Silver
Mass 0.4kg
Stack Limit 75
Hit Points 150 HP/1
Flammability 100% ?? HP/s
Deterioration 100% 1 HP/d
Material Volume 1:1
Time to Make ×0.7
Hit Points ×0.4
Flammability ×1
Material for Buildings and Art
Beauty ×1.25 +0
Door Speed ×1.2
Rest Effect. ×1
Material for Melee Weapons
Cooldown ×0.9
Blunt Damage ×0.9
Sharp Damage ×0.45