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Indoors is the need for pawns with the Undergrounder trait to be inside. Keeping them outside for too long will eventually affect their mood negatively. Having an ideoligion with the Tunneler memeContent added by the Ideology DLC will also give the Indoors need.

For the equivalent but inverse need for non-Undergrounder pawns, see Outdoors.

Need thresholds[edit]

Characters' indoors level is grouped into six thresholds: None, Just Outdoors, Outdoors, Long Outdoors, Very Long Outdoors, and Brutal Outdoors. Each threshold provides a different thought and thus mood penalty to a character.

The indoors levels are as follows:

Label Indoors Mood Debuff
None >80% None
Just Outdoors >60% and ≤80% −1
Outdoors >40% and ≤60% −3
Long Outdoors >20% and ≤40% −5
Very Long Outdoors >0.05% and ≤20% −7
Brutal Outdoors ≤0.05% −8

Indoors caps at 0% and 100%.

Need changes[edit]

The indoors status level ticks up or down depending on two factors - the roof above the pawn, and whether they are considered indoors by room mechanics. All changes are frozen while a pawn is sleeping.

When the current level is ≥50%, the indoors need can only increase when the pawn is also under overhead mountain. If they are, it will do so at the normal rate. If they are not under an overhead mountain and the status level is ≥50%, it will instead decrease by −0.125% per 150 ticks (2.5 secs) or −2.08% per in-game hour, regardless of any other factors.

The changes in each circumstance are displayed below. The value changes every 150 ticks (2.5 secs).

No Roof Constructed Roof; or
Rock roof (Thin)
Overhead mountain
Per 150 ticks Per In-Game Hour Per 150 ticks Per In-Game Hour Per 150 ticks Per In-Game Hour
Indoors +0% +0% +0.25% +4.17% +0.5% +8.33%
Outdoors −0.0625% −1.04% −0.0625% −1.04% +0% +0%


This is more of a concern for certain professions. Farmers, animal handlers and hunters go outside quite regularly. It's less of a concern for pawns whose jobs keep them inside: cooks, builders, tailors, crafters, artists, researchers, etc.

Caravans will always have to go through the outdoors. While minor and major mental breaks inside a caravan only slow it down, watch out for the mood once entering the colony again.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.3.3066 - Added. Previously, undergrounder pawns simply had +3 mood when indoors, +4 when underground, and −3 when outdoors.