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Harvest marks plants to be harvested by colonists assigned to Plant cut. Characters assigned to Grow also harvest but with the intention of clearing the area to plant new crops. Harvesting of plants provides edibles such as agave, berries, rice, potatoes, corn, haygrass, and processable herbs like smokeleaf, psychoid leaves, hops, healroot and devilstrand. Plants that haven't borne produce will be destroyed in the process.

This should not be confused with the term "Harvest" that is also a term used in medical operations, meaning to remove a body organ from a donor, usually with intent to transplant the organ to another patient or sell for profit. Harvestable organs in-game include: heart, lungs, kidney and livers.

Unskilled or injured characters can fail at harvesting, destroying the harvest.

Plants that are harvested at the first possible moment (at growth 65%) will only grant half of the total normal yield; this scales linearly towards full harvest as the growth percentage increases. This gives a slight penalty to early harvests. Also, damaged crops will have harvests reduced by up to 50%.