Electric crematorium

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Electric crematorium

Electric crematorium

A huge stone crematorium which vaporizes corpses with extremely high temperatures.

Base Stats

3 ˣ 2
- 250W


Skill required
Construction 4
Work To Make
4,500 ticks (1.25 mins)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 150 + Steel.png 20 + Component.png 2
Deconstruct yield
Steel 15 + Stone 112

A crematorium is an appliance used to destroy corpses and unwanted clothing or armor. Bills are worked by haulers. Corpses are cremated together with all of their equipped gear.

Crematoriums have -10 beauty, which is significantly less ugly than corpses that have -50 beauty and negatively impact nearby colonists' beauty opinion and mood. It has a cleanliness value of -20.

Crematoriums produce heat comparable to output of one heater while burning things. No heat is produced when idle, even if powered on.

If the Electric Crematorium left is out in the rain, a short-circuit can start a fire.


After Electricity is researched, the crematorium can be built for Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 150 Stuff (Stone), Steel.png 20 Steel, Component.png 2 Component (Stuff = Stony) in 4,500 ticks (1.25 mins).


The Electric crematorium is generally useless. Corpse disposal is much more convenient, easier, and takes less work with Molotov cocktails. Using minimal resources, molotovs can erase multiple corpses from existence in just one throw. On the other hand, the crematorium requires a worker to burn the corpses and also takes up large amounts of electricity. See corpse for more details.

As a counter argument, unlike molotovs, electric crematoria don't require Machining to be researched to be be constructed and can be fully automated with bills. This can give it a niche use in some playthroughs.

Material Table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work Mass HP Flammability Market Value
    Granite Electric crematorium Granite Blocks 150 -10 27,000 ticks (7.5 mins) - 510 0% 260 Silver
    Limestone Electric crematorium Limestone Blocks 150 -10 27,000 ticks (7.5 mins) - 465 0% 410 Silver
    Marble Electric crematorium Marble Blocks 150 -9 24,750 ticks (6.88 mins) - 360 0% 255 Silver
    Sandstone Electric crematorium Sandstone Blocks 150 -10 22,500 ticks (6.25 mins) - 420 0% 255 Silver
    Slate Electric crematorium Slate Blocks 150 -10 27,000 ticks (7.5 mins) - 390 0% 260 Silver
    Jade Electric crematorium Jade 150 0 22,500 ticks (6.25 mins) - 150 0% 875 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
  • Notes

    "Tainted" apparel cannot be sold to traders and you can only get rid of such clothing by burning them on a campfire. An alternative, lower labor method to using a crematorium is build a stone room (or seal off an existing ruin) and use Molotov cocktails to burn all corpses at once with their apparel after forbidding the entrance or clearing the Home Zone area marker to ensure no firefighters attempt to put out the cremating fire within. This does carry the drawback of adding hefty mood penalties to any colonist who adds to the furnace due to seeing many corpses, as well as having slightly less customization for deciding what is to be burnt.

    Alternatively, they can be loaded onto transport pods and launched to other faction's settlements for a modest relationship gain.

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