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August 25, 2022



  • Added new settings which can be accessed in the Architect Menu
    • Toggle for: Auto add home zone
    • Toggle for: Auto repair damaged/destroyed items
    • Toggle for: Showing visible zones
  • Added shortcuts/modifiers: When the player holds L1/LB a list of other actions are shown in the top left of the screen. These are all shortcuts or control modifiers the player can perform at that time. Some previously in game but unprompted and include:
    • Queuing orders / actions - in and out of draft mode
    • Quick jump camera to colonist
    • Toggle tile information
    • Add to selection - quickly multi-select items and colonists
    • Quick modifier for number based inputs
  • Added information panel for player colony and factions on world map screen
  • Added ability to select individual waypoints
  • Added waypoint information on the world map for caravans, and toggle further information
  • Added ability to delete waypoints
  • Improved build mode panel ordering and the items included with them


  • Added selected colonist stats to the Work Screen for related skills. This enables comparison of the different colonists for each work priority without leaving the screen.
  • Added art details screen. This was missing from the console version and now shows descriptions of art, often depicting events of the colony, adding depth. Can be toggled on and off. To see full details, press the Info button.
  • Improved splash screen in the boot flow to match console edition branding
  • Improved trade screen:
    • Players are now able to give silver in the gift screen
    • If a trade action is blocked, a message will be displayed to communicate this.
    • New selection outline making it easy to see.
    • Only if the player lacks the required silver to cover a cost should the player's silver have a red background, when previously it was red for any trade which costs the player silver
  • Improved information tabs for pawn management pages no longer switch when switching colonists.
  • Improved “Allow” / ”Disallow” prompts. Labels and icons have been adjusted to avoid confusion over current state. Examples included allowing sowing and plant cutting



  • Fixed text wrapping issues when apostrophes are used in the text, which caused additional line breaks in combat and social logs.