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PS4 - August 4, 2022

Xbox - August 5, 2022

Features / Improvements

  • Room stats overlay has been added to the overlay options - this new information shows room impressiveness, beauty, wealth, space and cleanliness
  • Assign menu tabs for managing apparel and food revamped - now has filters and additional options. For example will allow players to control colonists wearing tattered shirts, or eating low quality foods, etc
  • It is now possible to switch the game language from the settings menu, not just based on system settings.



  • Added information to message when the Royalty DLC needs to be enabled/disabled, in order to to load a save
  • Added the ability to jump to dead colonist from colonist menu
  • Fixed elements of the game loop to bring experience even closer to that of the pc version
  • Fixed warden stopping attempts to recruit prisoners after the first few days
  • Fixed colonists afflicted by the "Paralytic abasia" condition did not seem to get better at the expected rate.
  • Fixed some buildable items being displayed on the quick build menu before they were researched
  • Fixed a rare crash on trying to select an old colony member
  • Fixed Pick up X option, it is now working as expected
  • Fixed refugee joining the colony event so they will now have temporary colonist icon correctly removed
  • Fixed quests involving accepting a wanderer, now the accept status is correctly applied when closing the quest screen
  • Fixed save/load error on abandoned map
  • Fixed throne-related alerts causing errors
  • Fixed animal name displaying as null after rename
  • Fixed death letter not opening colonist log screen and now correctly removes from notification list
  • Fixed the orbital trade menu having a non-functioning button prompt
  • Fixed when the player cannot view the detailed information of items that are not available to sell on the trade menu
  • Fixed various issues after abandoning all settlements have been resolved
  • Improved performance slightly by optimising how the game handles translation errors


  • Added missing tips to small number of tutorial elements
  • Fixed game stuck on pause after closing research window
  • Fixed occasions when a colonist is downed before the raid step starts
  • Fixed when equip weapon stage didn't allow the player to exit the interaction menu
  • Fixed “multiple allow” tutorial step issues
  • Fixed live enemy count calculation for raider step in tutorial

User Interface / User Experience

  • Added missing button prompts for psy-powers
  • Added a scrollbar to colonist needs description to stop hidden overflows
  • Added in secondary helper button prompt for the colonist selection
  • Improved text size in the common messages bar as it was too small on large TVs
  • Improved "fast amount modifier" button prompt to now show before the players change value for any item
  • Improved assign button in building dialog - it will now say "unassign" when hovering over assigned item
  • Improved the Area edit popup to be consistent with other edit screens
  • Improved assign menu layout by reducing the margins around controller icons
  • Improved information box positions to stop occasionally covering up button prompts
  • Improved position of factions box so colonist name is not obscured
  • Improved line height for build materials so area name displays fully
  • Improved white space to correct formatting issue on rewards involving a raider joining a player’s colony
  • Improved and rebuilt the layout for the information boxes - including width increase for better readability
  • Fixed navigating between colony & caravan showing a missing tab
  • Fixed possible flickering on colonist bar status icons
  • Fixed work information box being offscreen when first opened
  • Fixed the fill of the hold / charging background on bestowing ceremony and quest rewards
  • Fixed Hold to delete button - it now fills correctly for bills menus
  • Fixed multiple item adjustment popup opening on disabled items
  • Fixed colonist stats screen's scrollbars not updating correctly
  • Fixed colonist management tab issues
  • Fixed filter styling on other screens to be in line with item detail screens
  • Fixed occasions when list selection would automatically scroll up
  • Removed hide / view in the sellable items section when a category is selected, as it was not functioning
  • Removed Draft / Hide target mode prompts in the world inspect screen, as it was not functioning
  • Removed a non-functioning button prompt in the colonists menu for change tab - on occasion when there was only one tab to navigate
  • Removed non-functioning "Info" from the Caravan Menu while the interact menu was open
  • Removed tab control prompt for Needs tab if there is one tab available
  • Plus various UI fixes and polish


  • Improved Xbox controller overview screen to stop localisation overflows
  • Improved Faction details card, it is now scrollable
  • Improved position of research info popup for localisation issues
  • Improved column width on wildlife HUD for better localisation support
  • Fixed work descriptions from overflowing in certain languages
  • Fixed Dutch priority description text not wrapping correctly
  • Fixed growth period details in planet screen so it no longer shrinks
  • Fixed long conditions on health screen to prevent long description from pushing the icon out of bounds

Upcoming language improvements

  • We understand that there are a lot of players who are playing in their native language. The vast majority of the text in game is based on the PC translation. We are continuing to work on polishing translations and fixing translation bugs.