Component assembly bench

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Component assembly bench

Component assembly bench

A workbench equipped with advanced tools for producing components from simpler materials.

2 ˣ 5
Steel 200 + Component 14

The component assembly bench is used by smiths (with crafting of at least 8) to create components from steel, or advanced components with components, steel, gold and uranium.


Component assembly is required before the table can be built.


  1. Component 1 for Steel 25 and 8,000 ticks (133.33 secs) of work
  2. Advanced component 1 for Component 1 + Steel 25 + Gold 3 + Uranium 3 and 8,000 ticks (133.33 secs) of work



For the sake of making components, this is a stopgap measure at best. Constructing components from raw steel is so expensive that it is better off selling their steel to purchase components from traders directly. Those suffering a component shortage would be better served not building the component assembly bench at all, as the bench itself requires an extra Steel 350 just to pay for its own components.

Those in search of components are generally better off purchasing them from traders or establishing caravans to trade with nearby settlements. Compacted Machinery may even be found on caravan ambushes or faction base raids, which can be mined out and added to the convoy as a semi-renewable source of components, though they are real heavy (at 0.6 kg) and can easily add to the burden.
If you happen to have scavenged some non-deadman's apparel you can pick these up and sell at traders in exchange for components. This is a more weight-efficient way to carry value than directly hauling components.

Advanced components

Despite the cost it is usually necessary to make advanced components using this as advanced components are much harder to come by than regular ones. They don't serve any other purpose other than the ship as of the latest version so this should be done only in preparation of building one.

Skill training

With a great demand for components in most colonies, component assembly is a great way to train colonists' crafting skill, if they are already decent at crafting. Good smiths provide quality weapons and armor for your colony and are valuable to any colony.

Version history

Prior to Beta 18, it costed 400 steel and 20 components to build, and requires a smith with crafting skill 10 to operate.

In Beta 18 its cost is reduced to 200 steel and 14 components, and the skill requirement is also reduced to 8. The recipe for advanced components have also been added.