Fabrication bench

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Fabrication bench

Fabrication bench

A workbench equipped with advanced tools for producing technological marvels from simpler materials.

2 ˣ 5
Steel 200 + Component 12 + Advanced component 2
Steel 150 + Component 9 + Advanced component 1

The fabrication bench is used by smiths to create components, advanced components as well as advanced weapons, power armor and bionic body parts.


Fabrication is required before the table can be built.



  1. Component 1 for Steel 12 and 5,000 ticks (83.33 secs) of work
  2. Advanced component 1 for Component 1 + Steel 20 + Plasteel 10 + Gold 3 and 10,000 ticks (166.67 secs) of work



Components can be made at a relatively cheap cost using this bench, and steel can be obtained in large amounts from deep drills, making this bench great at providing a constant component supply.

It is also good for producing advanced components for building the ship, as otherwise advanced components are hard to find in bulk from traders.


It is needed to produce the charge rifle, charge lance and marine armor. Charge weapons don't spawn on enemies so they are harder to come by.


Bionics can be produced reliably using this bench, allowing you to quickly make replacements instead of calling traders which may or may not have them.

Skill training

With a great demand for components in most colonies, component assembly is a great way to train colonists' crafting skill, if they are already decent at crafting. Good smiths provide quality weapons and armor for your colony and are valuable to any colony.

Version history

Beta 18

The fabrication bench cost was reduced to 200 steel and 14 components (from 400 and 20 respectively), and the skill requirement is also reduced to 8 from 10. The recipe for advanced components has also been added.

Beta 19

The fabrication bench was reworked from the component assembly bench, and new recipes using it were added. It also required advanced components to craft.