Flak vest

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Flak vest


"A vest with armor plates inserted on the chest and back. Protects against gunfire."

Work To Make
Market Value
600 Silver.png
4 kg
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Heat
Steel 75 + Cloth 40

Flak vests are a somewhat common method of protecting one's body from lethal gunfire and sharp attacks (i.e. stabs, cuts, bites), as well as offering minor protection against explosions and the ever-present threat of clubs, maces, and muffalo. Flak vests can be purchased from traders, manufactured, or stripped from Outlanders and Pirates. Flak vests are typically encountered after the third or fourth raid, depending on difficulty and wealth (this assumes Rough and Crashlanded scenario, so somewhat 'standard' wealth).


Flak vests can be manufactured at a machining table, once Complex clothing and machining has been researched. A flak vest requires 120 steel, 2 components, and 334 seconds of work (20,000 ticks) to be created, assuming baseline global work speed and no enhancements or hindrances to consciousness, sight, or manipulation.

Conclusion and Comparison

Flak vests offer slightly inferior protection, and vastly inferior coverage compared to power armor, but is also significantly cheaper to produce and purchase. They also only occupy the middle layer - meaning it can't be worn with tribalwear, whereas power armor occupies both the middle and shell layers, meaning that overgarments such as dusters may be worn over the top.

Protection Information

The following table lists how much protection an armor vest provides at each quality level.

Quality Awful Shoddy Poor Normal Good Superior Excellent Masterwork Legendary
Sharp % 24 42 51 60 66 78 90 102 126
Blunt % 8 14 17 20 22 26 30 34 42

Version history

Prior to 1.0, it used to be called the Armor vest. It also provided a higher protection rating for both sharp (60%) and blunt (20%), but did not protect against heat.