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Ancients are semi-hidden spacer tech level factions, exclusively made up of pawns found in the ancient cryptosleep caskets in ancient shrines. There are two factions of Ancient: Neutral Ancients, which start neutral, and Hostile Ancients, which are always hostile. All ancient shrine pawns will belong to one of these two factions.

Faction icon for the Ancients



All ancient shrine pawns will belong to one of the two following factions, and the factions are world-wide - neutral ancients from one map's shrine belong to the same faction as neutral ancients from another map.

Neutral Ancients[edit]

Neutral ancients predictably start off neutral, but will turn permanently hostile when any hostile act is taken against their members. This applies to all neutral ancients in the world, even others from other maps. However, their tendency to just walk off the map after opening the caskets remains even after making the faction hostile, so they may not fight despite being displayed, and reacted to by your pawns, as hostile.

Hostile Ancients[edit]

As the name implies, Hostile Ancients are permanently hostile. The faction cannot be befriended, however, they can be downed and taken prisoner to be sold, enslaved, or recruited.


Ancient pawns always have backstories from the "offworld" category.

Pawn Type Image Combat Power Gear Health (%) Avg. Gear Quality Clothing Budget Weapon Budget Available Weapons Age Range
Additional Info
Ancient Soldier SpaceSoldier1722.png 85 100 Normal 0-3800 300-900 Assault rifle Autopistol Bolt-action rifle Chain shotgun EMP launcher Heavy SMG Hellcat rifle Incendiary launcher LMG Machine pistol Pump shotgun Revolver Any Will never have headgear of any type. Has a 40% chance to carry 1 or 2 combat enhancing drugs. Has a 20% chance to carry a biocoded weapon. Is always capable of Violent. 8% chance to have a drug addiction. Base recruit difficulty of 30%

Has a 40% chance to have one of the following prostheses: Aesthetic nose Aesthetic shaper Armorskin gland Bionic arm Bionic ear Bionic eye Bionic heart Bionic leg Bionic spine Bionic stomach Bionic tongue Circadian assistant Circadian half-cycler Coagulator Detoxifier kidney Detoxifier lung Elbow blade Gastro-analyzer Hand talon Healing enhancer Immunoenhancer Joywire Knee spike Learning assistant Love enhancer Neurocalculator Nuclear stomach Painstopper Power claw Reprocessor stomach Sterilizing stomach Stoneskin gland Toughskin gland Venom fangs Venom talon

Faction bases[edit]

Unlike other factions, Ancients have no faction bases and instead only appear in ancient shrines on the player's map.


Any pawn from a Cryptosleep Casket that is initially capable of walking has a resistance of 1 or less. Both neutral walking and hostile ancients can be quickly recruited as prisoners if the players is able to capture them alive.

Downed pawns from a Cryptosleep casket have a chance of joining the colony automatically if rescued. It is believed the % chance to join is based on Population Intent. Downed pawns from a Cryptosleep Casket have a much larger initial resistance if captured.