Advanced helmet

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Advanced helmet


"A lightweight combat helmet with a complex design, reinforced with plasteel. Not effective against blunt attacks."

Work To Make
Market Value
300 Silver.png
1.2 kg
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 40 + Component 2 + Plasteel 10

An advanced helmet for protection. A step up from the simple helmet, this is a mid-tier helmet for most colonist uses. It is the lightest of all the helmets, only weighing 1.2 kg.


Can be crafted at the machining table using 40 metallic materials, 2 components and 10 plasteel.


It strikes a middle ground between the simple helmet and the marine helmet, being moderately easy to make and provides average protection. Advanced helmets are reached much easier in research tree than marine helmets, and when made of plasteel they offer sharp protection comparable to marine helmets, while having significantly higher item hp (over 2x), thus serving longer. As a downside, advanced helmets do not provide eye, nose or jaw protection.

Protection Information

Protection offered by an advanced helmet depends on its quality and material. It has a material effect multiplier of 70% for all types of damage. See apparel for material protection values.

Version history

  • It is added in Alpha 17, replacing the Kevlar helmet from previous versions. The difference is that it can be made out of any material, requires 5 plasteel to craft and has increased protection across the board.
  • In Beta 19 its material cost has been decreased from 70 to 40, but requires more plasteel, from 5 to 10, and materials now affect armor rating. It also protects against heat.