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Growing area

Growing area
Size 6x4
Note Allows farming on soil

Placed on soil, a growing area designates an area where colonists with the Growing skill will plant potato seeds.

Dumping area

Dumping area
Size 4x4

Your colonists will dump debris, bodies and animal corpses in dumping areas.
Each separate dumping area can be assigned to be able to receive colonists' bodies, strangers' bodies and animal corpses or not.
Each placed debris/body/corpse takes one space, limiting the amount of available dumping spaces to 16 per dumping area.

Stockpile area

Stockpile area
Size 6x6

Your colonists will haul all resources (metal, food, etc...) to the nearest stockpile area.
You are never able to remove your last stockpile. To remove the stockpile a new one must be placed.