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A synthetic stimulant. Wake-up fills the user's need for rest, allowing them to work for extended periods without getting tired. However, taking wake-up runs the risk of developing an addiction.

In the most competitive universities and companies of many worlds, high-achievers are sometimes called 'wake-ups' because of the association with this drug.

DrugHard Drug
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Wake-up is an addictive stimulant. Fills the need for rest, and allows users to work for extended periods without getting tired. Addiction causes reduced mental performance and, sometimes, psychotic breaks with reality. Can cause heart attacks rarely.

Gameplay Overview

Wake-up is a highly addictive drug that can be purchased, found on raiders, or manufactured at a drug lab. It is a powerful stimulant that fully satisfies one's need for rest, slows the tiredness progression rate, and boosts consciousness, movement, and global work speed. The high for wake-up typically lasts 12 in-game hours from 75% severity (one pill), but can last as long as 16 hours from 100% severity (multiple pills). It may be preferable to manually take each pill, both to get the most out of the complete satisfaction of the need to rest but also to make sure that a pawn only consumes a pill after exactly 3 days have passed.

As there is no minimum tolerance to become addicted, there is no safe usage interval, with each dosage carrying a 2% chance of addiction.

A surgeon can take Wake-up to improve their surgery success chance due to the consciousness enhancement, so it may not be the worst of ideas to have them take a pill beforehand. Taking a hit of Go-juice stacks with it as well for better buffs, though you risk a drug overdose this way, ruining the stat buffs.

Detailed Effects

  • Increased global work speed (+50%)
  • Improved Moving (+10%)
  • Heightened consciousness (+10%)
  • Fully satisfies rest need (+100%)
  • Chemical joy (+40%)
  • Reduces tiredness rate (x80%)
  • Wake-up addiction chance 2%, no minimum tolerance required.
  • Heart attack (mtb of 120 days)
  • Improved psyfocus meditation rate (+20%) Content added by the Royalty DLC

Excessive consumption of wake-up within a short timespan, or consumption in combination with other hard drugs may result in a drug overdose. Furthermore, each dose has an unavoidable 0.5% chance of instantly causing a major overdose, regardless of previous drug consumption.


Wake-up can be manufactured at a drug lab using 2 neutroamine. Its synthesis speed is dependent on the Intellectual skill.


While high on wake-up, there is a small chance the pawn will develop a heart attack. It occurs on average once every 120 days the colonist is high.

If a pawn develops at least a large tolerance to Wake-up (50% severity), they will get Chemical Damage in the Kidney in a mean time of 120 in-game days. However, as of version 1.2.3005, Wake-up no longer gives a pawn any tolerance at all when taken, despite the effects of tolerance still existing in-game. This has been confirmed as intended behavior. [1]

Withdrawal Symptoms

The process of going through wake-up withdrawal, like any other withdrawal, is a painstaking process. As with most other withdrawals, it takes 30 days to struggle through the process of wake-up withdrawal. Typical withdrawal symptoms include severely impaired consciousness, impaired manipulation, and lethargy. Other symptoms include a very poor mood, increased chance of social fighting, binging, and psychotic wandering. The mood hit is so bad, that one would rather butcher and eat their recently deceased close friend raw than go on wake-up withdrawal.

Detailed Symptoms

  • Impaired Consciousness (-50%)
  • Impaired Manipulation (-25%)
  • Impaired Moving (-20%)
  • Increased tiredness (x130%)
  • Increased likelihood of social fighting (x200%)
  • Hard drug binges (mtb of 40 days)
  • Psychotic wandering (mtb of 10 days)
  • Awful mood (-40)

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