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Released March 5, 2020 This update contains balance changes and bugfixes.

If you're willing to help test, please join the testing Discord server: Thanks!


  • Mech turret balance: Charge blaster turret cooldown 3.5->4.5 seconds. Inferno cannon turret cooldown 8.5->11.5 seconds Inferno cannon miss radius 3.5->3.9.
  • Update player-created content: 172 names added.
  • Languages updated.
  • Ground-penetrating scanner rebalance. Random find time 4 work days->3 work days. Guaranteed find time 8 work days -> 6 work days.
  • Ground-penetrating scanner now displays feedback about the current user's scanning speed, the random scan interval for this user, and the progress to a guaranteed find.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause deep ores to generate outside the buildable area.
  • Hunting decrees are now cancelled if there are not enough animals of the asked type left on the map.
  • Monument markers, when canceled, can now be reinstalled again instead of disappearing.
  • Mech clusters are now a lot less likely to fail finding position on difficult maps.
  • Only inherited titles are now being removed from pawns after resurrection. So a resurrected pawn will keep his title if it wasn't inherited by someone else upon his death.
  • Pawns with psychic harmonizers are now unaffected by others' harmonizers, to prevent runaway feedback loops.
  • You can no longer lend colonists who are unfit for work.
  • Removed errors from non-unique quest names
  • Production decrees now only use more common stuff like wood, steel, and cloth, to reduce cases of near-impossible decrees.
  • Add related quest gizmo to quest hives.
  • Add "select hives" button to infestation kill quest so you can see which hives you need to kill.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause insect kill quests to end only on killing every hive on the map (instead of every quest-spawned hive).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause downed quest guards to never leave if they were injured during the quest and later healed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused toxic spewers to affect caravans no matter where they are.
  • Fixed a bug that made throne comfort not apply while reigning.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause banished pawns to get stuck if they're on their way to a bed.
  • Fixed pawn lend quest returning pawns to a random colony map instead of the map they were picked up from.
  • If a nickname is empty in the character creation screen, the pawn's first name is used in the tooltips instead of an empty string.
  • Fixed a bug that cause debug log spam after adding entropy link via dev tools and opening health tab.
  • Optimized monument marker ticking to prevent performance loss with large monuments (checking for completion).