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Gottoni (talkcontribs)

So, I would like if we could came to an agreement over the images in the Colony Building Guide.

Besides the content, I really care about the design of the guide so I added a bunch of pictures to it, however I did not add pictures to every single topic because that would flood the guide and mess up the layout. Likewise, I did not add two pictures to the same topic because that also would mess up the layout and flood the guide with unnecessary images. You, however, have been re-adding pictures to topics that already have a picture and I would like to ask you to stop.

The pictures I added were chosen for a reason. I intentionally changed the hospital picture into something more compact, changed the prison picture to include cells and changed the greenhouse picture to include 24 hydroponics, all just to please you.

If you think your pictures add something important then tell me and I will add that something into my pictures, but please stop re-adding your pictures if they have nothing to add because it messes up the guide.

If you can agree with that I can make that guide like nice and pretty again.

PigeonGuru (talkcontribs)

Alright, I'll agree to that. You're free to replace any of my images if you think you have a better alternative. Though for the most part several images can coexist, and honestly unless the image is actually misleading or otherwise making things worse it's better to leave it as it is and add another image instead.

For the hospital I think is mostly for reference- in actual gameplay until you have a massive colony in place there's no need to squeeze 28 beds into a hospital, and even so few would build it in such a compact manner; still, it could be useful to someone.

Also, I will add feedback depending on the picture, maybe by means of an edit summary.

Gottoni (talkcontribs)

I am just caring about the design, like make a guide good to look at. Yes I know people may add more pictures, but I can at least try to keep things pretty. Excess of image does makes things worse, doesnt it?

There are other problems with the hospital picture. Like 10 vital monitos and 8 dressers for 28 beds is a really bad ratio. I mean, the picture is supposed to be spatially efficient but you filling it up with unnecessary furniture.

Anyway, I dont expect my pictures to be perfect, so tell me if anything needs changing.

MechaMario64 (talkcontribs)

I have a full archive of all current rimworld assets, but the inability to update images. Is there anyone i can send it to in order to get that shit started being fixed, cause the mechanoids being outdated in particular irritate the hell outta me

PigeonGuru (talkcontribs)

I also have an archive of assets, though not in .png format; if yours is in such a format, you can send it to me and I'll begin to upload them when I have the time.

Also, IIRC there is an edit requirement before you can upload images or create pages, think 10. If you want to, you can choose to make more edits to the wiki.

Edit: It appears that you have updated some of the images for the mechanoids, meaning that you probably have the ability to upload images. In which case, feel free to update the images as you wish.

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