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The User Interfaces are on the main game screen, which features the 'Colony Map'. Each User Interface is either a button, transparently displayed menu or object.

Object On-screen Location Description
Architect menu Bottom left corner Use the Architect menu to access submenus which allow you to build your colony base, place or change objects, ).
Inspect pane Bottom left corner The inspect pane appears whenever the player selects a pawn, item, or structure, and shows details about that object. If multiple objects of the same type are selected the inspect pane will automatically list the quantity selected.
Cell info Bottom left corner When neither the Architect menu nor the inspect pane are open, whatever is at the cursor's current location is listed. This includes roofing, gound/flooring, objects, and filth (i.e. blood, rubble). The cell's light level is also shown.
Resources list Top left corner This transparent list shows each resource, and its quantity, located in stockpiles. This includes silver, food, clothing, weapons, and metals, and all other resources. The list does not include items worn or held by colonists nor resources not located in stockpiles.
Overview, Research, Menu tabs Bottom right corner The overview is used to manage work priorities and view statistics. Research tab lets you choose which research to perform. Menu tab is used to save and exit game and open links to other pages for Fiction, Blog, Forum and Help.
Toggle switches for various game and display controls Bottom right corner Toggle visibility of zones, beauty display, expanding home area, showing roofed areas and categorized mode resources menu.
Time speed control Bottom right corner The speed control lets you control the speed of time in RimWorld. You can pause the game from this menu, or play it using normal, double, or triple speed.
Current time Bottom right corner Days and hours passed since you have landed.
Current alerts and suggestions Top right corner Alerts when colonists are about to go insane, or if they need rescue. Also displays helpful tips.
Debugging tools Top center Includes tools to spawn objects, trigger events, execute various commands, and view detailed info.
Learning helper Top right An interactive tool to learn gameplay.
Toggle zones visibility Bottom right corner Zone visibility is on be default. When off, zones are not shown. A zone can still be selected to display it and configure it.
Toggle learning helper visibility Bottom right corner Be default, the learning helper is displayed even when empty. Toggling this will automatically hide the learning helper when it has nothing to provide.
Colonist bar Top Shows the names of the colonists as well as the colonists appearances. You can select a colonist by clicking their icons.