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(Short Title)
Description Skill Modifications Incapable of Civil Raider Slave Trader Traveler Tribal


[PAWN_nameDef] travelled [PAWN_possessive] homeworld with a company of actors, playing to packed theatres and loving audiences everywhere. [PAWN_pronoun] was a perfectionist, and made [PAWN_possessive] own props and costumes rather than use the ones [PAWN_pronoun] was given. Social: +8
Crafting: +3
Dumb labor

Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png


[PAWN_nameDef] designed and constructed buildings. On [PAWN_possessive] glitterworld home, most of the technical aspects of architecture were handled by an AI. This enabled [PAWN_objective] to push the artistic limits of the craft, but also meant [PAWN_pronoun] never had to get [PAWN_possessive] hands dirty at building sites. Construction: +5
Artistic: +7
Crafting: −3
Dumb labor

Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png
Ascetic priest


After taking a vow of silence, [PAWN_nameDef] joined a monastery on a peaceful backwater planet to spend [PAWN_possessive] days in quiet contemplation.

[PAWN_pronoun] found happiness growing vegetables in the garden and making cheese in the monastery cellars.

Plants: +4
Medicine: +2
Cooking: +2


Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png


[PAWN_nameDef] was a professional assassin. [PAWN_pronoun] was cold, calculating, and made a good profit. In this business, an utter lack of empathy was an asset. Melee: +10
Shooting: +10

Dumb labor
Skilled labor

Ex.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png


[PAWN_nameDef] worked as a bartender on a seedy space station. The job entailed one part drink mixing, one part diplomacy, and one part head-bashing. Social: +4
Melee: +2
Cooking: +2
None Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png
Biosphere manager


[PAWN_nameDef] lived on a peaceful glitterworld where all menial work was done by robots and people devoted themselves to leisure. [PAWN_pronoun] managed the plant and animal life of a sprawling park, where citizens came to admire the natural beauty. Shooting: −4
Animals: +6
Plants: +6
Dumb labor


Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Ex.png Check.png Ex.png


As a smith on a medieval world, [PAWN_nameDef] gained a reputation for the high quality of [PAWN_possessive] work. [PAWN_pronoun] wasn't bad at using the swords [PAWN_pronoun] forged either. Shooting: −5
Melee: +4
Crafting: +6

Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png


[PAWN_nameDef] found work on a midworld, protecting whoever paid [PAWN_objective] from harm. [PAWN_pronoun] gained proficiency in many different combat forms, and was known for [PAWN_possessive] ruthlessness against those who crossed [PAWN_objective]. Shooting: +4
Melee: +4

Check.png Check.png Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png


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