Tornado generator

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Tornado generator

Tornado generator

An ancient control unit for a network of weather-control satellites. This device has had certain failsafes bypassed; it is capable of causing a massive air current disturbance, which will generate a tornado at a chosen location. The weather network will detect this unauthorized intrusion and lock out the device after use, but the tornado will be left to spend its energy normally.

Base Stats

Market Value
1200 Silver.png
0.2 kg
SingleUseWeapon, RewardStandardHighFreq

The tornado generator is a powerful single-use utility artifact, once activated, a tornado will form at the targeted location wreaking havoc around it.


The tornado generator can be obtained as a quest reward.


The generator has an activation time of 3 seconds, requires manual targeting, has a targeting range of 45 tiles but it cannot target through walls.

Once activated it will move about the map randomly before dissipating. It can traverse roughly half the map [Clarification Needed] it should not be used on your home tile unless you are willing to risk damaging your own base. The tornado will hurt units [Investigation Needed] in it's proximity over time however due to it's random nature and it's slow speed it is not very effective against non stationary targets. It's best use is against enemy bases, enemy sieges or Mechanoid clusters Content added by the Royalty DLC. Over all, this is a very weak and unpredictable super weapon - a doomsday rocket would be preferable in just about every scenario.

Like all other utility items, it can be equipped with a weapon.

Version history

  • Beta 19 - Added, replacing the tornado event of Beta 18.
  • 1.2.2753 - new artwork for orbital targeters. Changed from a weapon to a Utility item. Prior to this, like all ranged weapons it couldn't be used when the pawn was wearing a shield belt.