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Affinity (talkcontribs)

I feel like Genes needs to have an explanation for hierarchy of gene expression and heritability

Things of interest:

-Is it true that Xenogerms implanted has priority expression over Germline genes? (E.g Super psy-sensitive vs Sanguanophage Psy-sensitive) -Overlapping areas of effect (e.g Dead calm w/ aggressive; via "Ignore restrictions") -Inheritance (What genes get passed on into offspring, for example what if a germline with drug Dependency interaction with drug Impervious) --(note that the least explored is probably what cosmetic genes might be inherited)

Bork (talkcontribs)

In terms of Xenogenes vs Germline genes, whenever the genes are mutually exclusive the Xenogene takes priority. It doesn't matter if the gene in question would normally be overridden *within* a xenogerm/germline. Fast Runner as a Xenogene will always override V-Fast-Runner as a Germline gene for example, because they're mutually exclusive and Fast Runner is a xenogene.

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