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"We should base calculations off default power recharge settings"

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Hordes (talkcontribs)

"11.5 day cycle" is simply incorrect.

If you recharge a mech from 5% to 100%, then you'd be recharging for (.95 * 48) = 45.6 hours. The whole thing would be an 11.4 day cycle, and would not produce a full set of wastepacks, as I understand the wastepack mechanic. If you really want to use the 5-100 cycle, then at least update the wastepack production numbers accordingly.

Using whole numbers is easier to understand and read. With extended mech use, every setting should provide the same work:wastepack ratio, minus travel time (which is ignored, intentionally so). "Every 10 days of work time produces 5 wastepacks" would be a correct statement, regardless of default settings, if you count travel time as work.

Vilobion (talkcontribs)

Ultimately I think we're splitting hairs so I'm content to leave the wastepack atomizer analysis as it currently is.