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Hordes (talkcontribs)

I figured that, since I split the two pages, I suggest to remerge them. I originally split because there is/was a clear distinction between how the game treats the human, the mechanitor, and the robots.

The main reason to merge again is so that it's easier to search for. Ideally Mechanoid (Biotech), friendly/allied/gestated/created mechanoids, and linking from the mechanoid page is enough, but making it easier isn't bad. Plus, I realize that there isn't as much independent stuff as I thought.

Only problem for me at the moment would be formatting. I would do:

  • Mechanitor (mechlink acquisition, crafting=better)
    • All the implants
  • Creation (Mechanoid_creation#Acquisition and mechanoid boss signalling)
  • Bandwidth
  • General info ("In general, mechanoids are immune to fire, toxicity...". Repair/revival)
    • Power usage
  • Behavior
    • Work & control groups
    • Drafting mechanics
  • List of mechanoids

I'm still not too satisfied with the order, though. "Summary" could fit all of {General mechanoid info, work behavior, draft, power}, but then it would probably be bloated. In the current list, idk if you would put behavior above general info/power, or vice versa.

I also worry that the lists (listing all the mechanitor implants, and then listing all sources of bandwidth) would make the article too irrelevant for poeple who just want to learn about mech behavior - as an example. Maybe it's better to keep split pages, now that I wrote this out.

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Vilobion (talkcontribs)

I support remerging. We can always put the gritty bits going over all the implants and sources of bandwidth towards the bottom so the beginning of the article covers the intro to mech behavior new players will read first.

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