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Harakoni (talkcontribs)

First, I am so impressed with all of your work to convert the define templates to infoboxes. Its a huge process and its been needed for so long, so it is massively appreciated.

Second, with Property:Product Amount have you thought about how to handle kibble which apparently produces different amounts from the same recipe depending on where it is made? (I haven't actually checked that that it is still true, so it may be a non-issue)

Third, so you've added Cooking as the skill for Wort, but without a level because anyone can do it. Previously its only been set on things with a requirement. I'm not saying its wrong or anything but I would be interested in your input on how best to display stuff as you're probably the only current user besides me with experience with the infobox template. To me there seems to be several pieces of relevant info:

  • Skill requirement
  • Skill that gets XP from performing the task
  • Skill that controls quality
  • Stat that controls crafting speed
  • Work type that allows the bill to be processed/will be banned by traits and backstories

Not everything has a skill requirement (e.g. wort), not everything gives XP (stone blocks), not everything has quality (e.g. clubs which are otherwise a normal crafting), theres a bunch of different crafting speed stats and some items have skills control their production speed, others don't (e.g. Construction vs Tailoring) others conflict with the other categories (e.g. smokeleaf uses the cooking stat for its speed, but is done with often done with the intellectual work type).

There is some overlap with these, and some might be completely redundant with another. I haven't gone looking for all the edge cases yet. But overall its a convoluted mess to display. I think I want to have at least Skill Required and Crafting Speed Stat, but not 100%. I'd appreciate your input on it

Ickputzdirwech (talkcontribs)

1. Thanks!

2. I just had a quick look at the game files and the product amount of the kibble recipe is 50. The butcher spot however has the property "WorkTableEfficiencyFactor" of 0.7. So I think on the kibble page Product Amount should just be 50.

3. The way I thought about it so far was that the infobox should show which skill is required to execute the task. For wort there is no level required, but a pawn incapable of cooking won't be able to make it. But as you said I'll have to look at some edge cases first.

4. Allow me to add that some parts of the infobox and some properties are quite a mess right now. But it's a huge task changing anything about it, which is why so far I just added new stuff, afraid of breaking anything important. Is there a way seeing which pages actually use a property? Like a "What links here"-page? This would allow us to see which properties are just garbage that can be removed.

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