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Can I get permission to create pages?

Dninemfive (talkcontribs)


I'm dninemfive, a fairly experienced modder. I've been looking to rewrite Jecrell's Plague Gun tutorial for some time, since it's now quite out of date. However, I don't want to overwrite the old tutorial, in case it's needed for posterity, and I find it tedious searching for tiny errors to hit the 10 edit count required to create pages myself, particularly since my expertise is fairly narrowly in the modding tutorials section. To confirm my identity, contact dninemfive#6790 on the Rimworld discord.

Thanks, dninemfive.

PigeonGuru (talkcontribs)

I'll be replying in Jimyoda's place as another moderator, since he appears to be inactive.

Unfortunately as far as I know we don't have the ability to change user permissions, meaning we can't grant you page creation privileges. What I can do is to start the page that you want, so you can use it to accumulate the edit count you need. Sound good to you?

Dninemfive (talkcontribs)

Sounds good to me! A Plague Gun (1.1)/Introduction page should be enough, I imagine I can make at least 7 edits while writing that. I'd also appreciate a user talk page to introduce myself. Thanks for your help! I'm pretty surprised there's still an active mod tbh.

Dninemfive (talkcontribs)

Or rather than a talk page, a User:Dninemfive page.

Jimyoda (talkcontribs)

I went ahead and created your user page.

DJRedNightGaming (talkcontribs)

PigeonGuru, You should check out the Rimworld Wiki Discord. Jimyoda is active there. You can tag him and he usually replies within 12 hours. Also when you join shoot me a message and I'll go ahead and make sure to add your appropriate staff rank.

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