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This is something I should be able to do. I previously dug into the workings of those infoboxes. What I found was that the base stats section filters to show properties that end with 'base' (e.g. Market Value Base) while the stat modifiers section filters to show properties that end with 'factor' or 'offset' (e.g. Mood Offset). If a given page's infobox is using the Define template, then you can only declare stats listed there. If it doesn't have the stat you need, then add it, or ask me to add it. Beauty -1 is clearly an offset, but for the armor and the moving, it's not clear to me if those are factors or offsets.

These are some of the stats/properties that are already in the Define template (minus the template formatting). Armor - Blunt Base =armor - blunt base Armor - Blunt Factor =armor - blunt factor Armor - Blunt Offset =armor - blunt offset Beauty Offset =beauty offset Moving Factor =moving factor Moving Offset =moving offset