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Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were GermanĀ :) I merely meant the surprisingly common practice currently of uppercasing substantives to give them more importance. It looks a bit strange (imo), and I see it many places, not just on this wiki. It was a tangent, so sorry about that. Practically, however, it makes it easier to use links in articles if the page is titled with lowercase letters instead of Crashed Ship Part or whatever it may be (I've not checked that page, it's just an example).

I agree with what you write about the guides. I actually meant it the other way (skipping intermediate and advanced), but you make a better case. The separation between mid-game and end-game is abstract or not clear, so it's probably better to use intermediate and advanced instead. Kinda the same issue there with not-clear-dividing-lines, but still better than mid-game and such. What really is mid-game anyway? It will be different for all players, and whether they want to launch the ship, or just set up a basic base and then go again.

There was so much I wanted to do when I started out here, including a total redesign of the look and frontpage, but the work was too much, I got frustrated with all the issues, and then ran out of steam and sort of gave up. Maybe I'll try again later, but right now I'm enjoying playing the game instead :D