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If I may be a little pedantic :P : Think it might be better to drop intermediate and advanced, and lowercase the titles (like in the heading of this topic), so it's easier to link to them in-text in other articles without it looking weird with uppercase words. I'm not sure why German-type grammar enters the English usage so much.

On the first point, we don't have an advanced midgame guide or an intermediate (or basic) endgame guide, so it seems like butter on bacon, if that term translates well. As you say above, there isn't a clear dividing line between them, but given the sheer size of them I do think it makes sense so separate some of the overall content.

Personally I would prefer a good bit of this to go into separate articles on all these various features or things, but I kinda ran out of steam earlier on trying to implement some pretty big changes, when the extensions and underlying wiki technology kept throwing bugs and not acting like it was supposed to. That way we could have genuine guide content in the guides, and explanations of features etc in individual articles.

Thank you for the wonderful contributions Siggboy -- it's great to see lots of activity in here again :)