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I've tried to contact him both here and on the forum, but to no avail. But from the steam profile he appears to be active. I don't have one, but do you? Would you be able to shoot him a message or something? This is actually a very important issue, and it should be resolved. But it must be done on the admin level. Some of the other pages I've edited/commented on lately should be looked at as well.

A lot could be done, but without the license thing cleared up I can't just copy from Wikipedia or Gamepedia or anywhere really, so we would have to start from scratch. Kinda losing the motivation here tbh. And on the template side, that still doesn't make much sense to me. And there are some errors somewhere, but it's hard to know where with all the nesting going on, and I don't dare to try to fix it.

Do you know if there has been discussions about the design of the frontpage? I'm thinking things could be done there as well, for starters some pictures would be niceĀ :) But if it needs to be plain to keep down loads on the server or something, I would understand why it's so clean. Had a look through the history, and it has kinda been the same since 2013-14. I've copied over the contents of the mainpage and CSS so may play around, but the changes may need to be pretty massive, and I'm not skilled enough to do so without heavy trial and error, so it will take time. For instance, it shouldn't use tables, but divs instead.

Well, I'll fire up the game in the meantime and try a new colony. The last one basically burned to the ground :D

For further references, I've brought up these issues from different angles here: