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(I'll write to you here instead of various talk pages and such. Sorry if it's not ideal, but this aspect of wiki-ing is always a bit hard -- effective communicating).

From what I can gather there aren't individual pages for each technology, is that correct? It also looks like you may have one main template for things, is that correct? I'm more used to having several templates, so each is easier to understand and use. So then I would think the main template would need to be adapted if we are to make pages for all technologies, with for instance information currently contained in the main research page. We'll also run into the typical naming issue, for instance both the tech and product called pemmican or passive cooler. Typically solved by adding a suffix, although it makes easy linking more bothersome. E.g. [[passive cooler (tech)|passive cooler]]. I'm thinking it might be useful though. Also worth to keep in mind that those big research tables are hard-coded currently, and may (or may not) be outdated.

Much the same deal with skills. Might be useful to have a page for each skill? But again, we'd need some type of template for it, or bake it into the current Thing template, if needed.

Let's say we have these pages: We could then have a small infobox for each tech/skill in the relevant overview skills and research articles.