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By that logic:

The RimWorld wiki is not Wikipedia. I could well argue that the addition of the "impressive template" to the Trees article in revision 43173 by the wiki admin themselves holds more weight than an off-site link.

So I disengaged over the weekend. If you want to talk about Dispute Resolution: - The intro states wikis are not about winning, but you're the one to bring it up. All I want is better articles. - The normal protocol was not followed. By this I mean, instead of a revert, edits should have been made to improve the article. I don't see a justification for your revert other than "I dislike it." - I fail to see how you adhere to "Focus on content". You dismissed the idea on the amount on edits made by the idea proposer, rather than merit.

As you use bold letters to attempt to close the discussion one-sidedly rather than try and actually resolve the issue and discuss it based on merit, I feel obligated to ask Zesty for a third opinion. I must admit I am shocked at your tone and attempt to shoot me down, and I feel it's creating a bad environment for the wiki.