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If you're going to start a strawman argument, at least get it right. It was [[1]] which kicked off the fun. I wrote it because people on reddit complained about how awful the article was prior to my mild vandalism.

It was well received. Even Tynan and Zesty endorsed it.

So yes. That is progress as well. After I rewrote it, the attention the article received led to a rejuvenation until it was slowly rewritten by more serious people. That's fine; I sparked something and now it's a much better article than it was before.

To the point you were trying to make, but didn't: I acknowledge that not everybody liked the rewrite. That's fine, it's a wiki and anyone can edit. To the credit of my critics, they recognised my edits had merit and didn't blindly revert it. They didn't throw out the baby with the bath water. Something which I can accuse you of doing: you are reverting things simply based on personal preference rather than "this is factually incorrect" and *that* is a disservice to the wiki.