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I strongly disagree. Some of the backstories on this were written purely for male or female characters: some of the characters went through a gender change in their backstory. Neutering it all removes this information, and removes valuable parts of the story. A lot of these were written by fans, who obviously wrote it with a purpose.

Race modders also copy-paste these descriptions to make mods. They're a valuable source of info for them, and modifying them from their original absolutely destroys their value.

That's not to say HECAP etc is correct either: the base game now uses [PAWN_pronoun] and [PAWN_possessive] in place of HE and HIS. I noticed the vandalism yesterday and was planning on creating a script to extract the backstories from the game and format it all for the wiki. Here are the backstories; the script to format it will come later.

I propose to use the values as they are in the game: [PAWN_pronoun] and [PAWN_possessive]. It is gender neutral, it retains all info, it is adaptable and it is true to the original.