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Hello Zasty, I am sorry for taking so long to see your message. That Yoshida dude really demotivates anyone from writing anything here, so I have been avoiding looking into messages because it might be another flaming discussion made by him.

Guess what, thats exactly what I am looking at again. As you can see Yoshida dude is trying really hard to find a reason to punish me, apparently he is also trying to flame PigeonGuru.

Like he said, once in a while I updates pages here. I updated the Biomes page, then the Extreme Desert Guide page, then the Ice Sheet Guide page, then the Ship page, then the Colony Building Guide page. They were all in Alpha 16, the Colony Building was just reorganized and I added much more pictures. The Sea Ice Guide was entirely written by me.

The Colony Building guide caused some disagreement between me and PigeonGuru because I didnt want to flood the guide with unnecessary pictures, so I removed my pictures until we could come to an agreement. We did and now the Colony Building guide is updated and full of pictures. That is, until 6 January when Yoshida decided to remove everything because apparently my contributions are "Childish and stupid".

The Extreme Desert Guides and the Ice Sheet Guides were also undone by him. I tried to explain to him many times that his guides are outdated and instead of removing some else attempt to update the guide he should instead edit the parts about the guide that he doesnt like. Still, he insisted that his guide cannot be replaced and undone also PigeonGuru attempt to create a mix guide. Apparently, according to him, my guides are "unworthy" because using caravans is cheating.

Later, he tried to discredit my Sea Ice Guide in a discussion he called "Astounding absurdity", this time saying that I do too much trading so this makes my guide "unworthy" again. The discussion didnt evolved into anything productive because he instead just started threatening to punish me. So I closed the topic since it was clear that he didnt intend to make contributions.

It is obvious by now that Yoshida is not interested in updating his guides, neither he will allow another person to do it. I said I would create another version that doesnt use caravans since that bothers him so much, but I am not very motivated to do so since it removes so much of the fun of the game and in the end he might just find another excuse to undo my guide again.

As far as I know the only "edit war" so far was Yoshida removing my guides because it didnt please his personal opinions and later removing my contributions on The Colony Building guide because he doesnt like me. Making updates to pages that are years outdated is just regular wiki activity.

I still stand that we should keep my guides because they are updated and Yoshidas arent. Again, like I said from the very beginning, later he can make whatever changes he pleases if he doesnt like something specific about it, or he can ask me to change something. I already did changes before just to please mister Yoshida and removed traits recommendations for colonists.

You see, it is a problem with a very simple solution and it was so from the very beginning until Yoshida started causing more problems.

Again, he says my Sea Ice guide is "unworthy" because I do trading, even though other people like it. Yoshidas motivation to remove it is vengeance and he will not touch it.