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| style="background: #9BFF72" | 70.85% || style="background: #9BFF72" | 75.95% || style="background: #69FF69" | 79.55%
| style="background: #9BFF72" | 70.85% || style="background: #9BFF72" | 75.95% || style="background: #69FF69" | 79.55%
! Longsword
! Steel longsword
| style="background: #CDFF7B" | 62.05% || style="background: #CDFF7B" | 64.65% || style="background: #CDFF7B" | 64.00%
| style="background: #CDFF7B" | 62.05% || style="background: #CDFF7B" | 64.65% || style="background: #CDFF7B" | 64.00%
! Plasteel longsword
| style="background: #FFFF85" | 46.50% || style="background: #FFFF85" | 46.25% || style="background: #FFFF85" | 49.60%

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Thrumbo horn

Thrumbo horn

"A thrumbo's horn. It's razor sharp, very hard, and priceless in most markets. This is a true trophy."

Market Value
800 Silver.png
3 kg
Dmg Type
111 ticks (1.85 secs)
1 tile(s)

Dropped by thrumbos after butchering, the thrumbo horn is a fairly powerful melee weapon which can be sold for a hefty amount of silver to Exotic Goods Traders.

Combat analysis

As a body part from a sacred thrumbo and its exceptional carbon properties, the thrumbo horn has a fairly good damage output and an exceptional market value. However, much like the elephant tusk; the thrumbo horn will generally be outclassed by many melee weapons, with the DPS of a thrumbo horn about the same as a Poor quality plasteel longsword, or between a Superior and Excellent quality steel longsword.

This means that the thrumbo horn should only really be used as weapon if you've got no other decent melee weapons in your stockpile.

Thrumbo Horn vs. Comparable Weapons

This section goes over how well the thrumbo horn fares against comparable weapons (similar value, tech level or similar characteristics) in 1 vs. 1 combat.


  • All testing is semi-automated which allows for large sample sizes to be gathered per set of results with ease
  • All pawns have a skill level of 8 in melee
  • No pawns have any traits that affect combat performance
  • All pawns are of 18 years of age and completely healthy

Results in the table below are the percentages of battles that thrumbo horns either won or tied against the weapon listed in the first column of said table, with a sample size of 2,000 battles per result. Higher percentages are better.

The following armor categories are:

Other Weapon Unarmored Flak Marine
Elephant tusk 70.85% 75.95% 79.55%
Steel longsword 62.05% 64.65% 64.00%
Plasteel longsword 46.50% 46.25% 49.60%


Thrumbo horn butchered.png