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Textiles are materials typically used to make clothing. Textiles are divided into two categories:

Both can often be used interchangeably to produce items, though exceptions exist and specific materials differ as to value, beauty, and combat and temperature protection values. As such, there are some textiles that are best used for different clothing, some for armor, some for hot/cold weather, some for furniture, etc. See the relevant item's article for details and analysis on material selection.

Comparison table[edit]

Below is a list of material effects for fabrics and leathers. When a stuffable item is created from a textile, each of its base stats is multiplied by a factor for that stat belonging to the material used. Take "Armor - Sharp" for example. For this stat, Cloth has a factor of 0.36 and a duster has base stat of 0.3. Thus, the final "Armor - Sharp" of a Cloth Duster before quality multipliers is: 0.36 * 0.3 or 10.8%

This process is then repeated for each stat. The material's HP factor is applied to the items base HP, flammability factor to flammability etc. Insulation is not expressed as a percentage and is thus slightly different. For an example of how to calculate the insulation for a given piece of apparel, see Apparel

Market value is the notable exception to this direct multiplicative relationship, but the value of a material does have a direct effect on that of the final product. See Market Value for details.

TextileStuff CategoryBeauty FactorMax Hit Points FactorArmor - Sharp FactorArmor - Blunt FactorArmor - Heat FactorInsulation - Cold (°C)Insulation - Heat (°C)Flammability FactorMarket Value
Alpaca woolFabric1.510.3601.130161.73.8
Bison woolFabric1.510.3601.126121.72.7
Megasloth woolFabric1.510.801.134121.72.7
Muffalo woolFabric1.510.3601.128121.72.7
Sheep woolFabric1.510.3601.126101.72.7
Chinchilla furLeathery3.610.670.141.5301616.5
Dog leatherLeathery11.30.810.241.5141612
Dread leatherLeathery11.351.270.241.5201213.5
Elephant leatherLeathery1.
Guinea pig furLeathery2.80.60.670.141.5381815
Heavy furLeathery1.851.
Human leatherLeathery11.30.640.241.5121214.2
Panthera furLeathery1.71.30.930.241.5162413
Rhinoceros leatherLeathery2.

All textiles have the following modifiers in common: