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Returns the nutrition per day produced from the slaughtering of offspring. This calculation assumes that there is no time between pregnancies.


  • The first parameter, if present, will specify which animal to generate the template for. If absent, {{PAGENAME}} will be used.
  • The second parameter determines whether the offspring are slaughtered upon birth or upon reaching adulthood. Baby for baby slaughter, Adult for adult slaughter. Defaults to Baby.
  • The third parameter is the number of females in the system. Defaults to 1.
  • The fourth parameter is the number of males in the system. Defaults to 0. This doesn't actually do anything, but is there to be consistent with Template: Nutrition Consumption


Single inexplicably pregnant mare

{{Meat Production| Horse | Adult}}

result: 2.5225225225225

5 mares, 5 stallions

{{Meat Production| Horse | Adult | 5 | 5 }}

result: 12.612612612613

Chick slaughter

{{Meat Production| Chicken | Baby}}

result: 0.6

Chicken slaughter

{{Meat Production| Chicken | Adult}}

result: 2.1

See also: Template:Nutrition Consumption, Template:Leather Production