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Automatically calculates the Market Value of the item from the resources and work to make properties of the item, as set by Template:Infobox main

It outputs a plain number.


The item can be manually chosen by the first argument, otherwise it automatically uses the page the template is used on.

For stuffable items, the stuff ingredient can and must be defined in the second argument of the template and the page must correctly have "Stuff" as its Resource 1. It does not prevent selection of options not allowed by the item's Stuff Tags property. Where needed, this must be handled outside of this template.

The third argument optional and sets the Quality of the item in question. The Quality must be entered by a capitalized string. E.g. "Awful", with no quotes.

Example usage

On the page about a non-stuffable item in question:

{{Market Value Calculator}}

On tool cabinet, it would output: 385

On a different page than the non-stuffable item.

{{Market Value Calculator|Flak vest}}

It would output: 225

On a different page than the stuffable item.

{{Market Value Calculator|Duster|Devilstrand}}

It would output: 475

On a a page about the stuffable item.

{{Market Value Calculator|Plate armor|Wood|Legendary}}

It would output: 1500