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(New template for pages lacking pictures, where pictures would be a good addition.)
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<includeonly>{{rwbox|nocat=true|type=notice|text=''This this page '''[[:Category:Needs Pictures|needs pictures]]'''! You can help {{SITENAME}} by uploading images to make this article better.}}
<includeonly>{{rwbox|nocat=true|type=notice|text=''This {{#if:{{{section|}}}|section|article}} '''[[:Category:Pages that need images|could use some more or updated images]]'''. You can help {{SITENAME}} by uploading images to make this article better. {{#if:{{{note|}}}|'''Note: {{{note|}}}'''|}}{{#if:{{{reason|}}}|'''Note: {{{reason|}}}'''|}}}}  
[[Category:Needs Pictures]]</includeonly>
[[Category:Pages that need images]]</includeonly>

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This template is used to mark pages that need additional images to make the article better, categorizing them in Category:Pages that need images.


Type {{Image wanted}} on the page to be marked. You may add a note by adding the parameter: |note=text. You can also use |reason=text for this purpose for consistency with other notice templates.

If the tag relates not to an entire page but to a particular section, you can change the text to reflect that by adding the parameter: |section=1


{{Image wanted|note=Add picture showing proper orientation of a cooler for freezer storage.}}