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Used to place a tag on content to indicate some administrative function is required but one that does not warrant the use of one of the large banners like Template: Stub or Template: Rewrite.

By checking where this page is linked it also provides a method for cataloguing where these minor errors exists, again, without resorting to large choices like categorization.


The first parameter is the general type of issue noted by the tag, and what will be displayed in the tag itself. This should be short and generally descriptive but need not be specific. Context and the second parameter will provide that detail. A non-exhaustive list of examples include:

  • Citation needed
  • Fact check needed
  • Detail needed

The second parameter is the specifics of the issue, and will be displayed in the mouseover text. This should be descriptive but still short enough to be reasonably read in mouseover form. If additional detail is needed, another notification template like Stub is likely necessary, or a brief summary can be given along with a note to check the Talk page for more information.

This parameter may be omitted if it is clear what the issue is from the first parameter.


"The short bow can occasionally spawn equipped by thrumbos{{Check Tag|Fact Check Needed}}."

Produces: "The short bow can occasionally spawn equipped by thrumbos[Fact Check Needed]."

"The thrumbo averages ?{{Check Tag|Detail Needed|Calculated DPS required}} damage per second after accounting for its melee verbs."

Produces: "The thrumbo averages ?[Detail Needed] damage per second after accounting for its melee verbs."