Techprof subpersona core

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Techprof subpersona core

Techprof subpersona core

A small AI core housing a low-grade subpersona specialized in teaching technology. When used, the AI will teach you the technology you're currently researching, instantly and for free. Can only be used once.

Base Stats

Exotic item
Tech Level
Market Value
1000 Silver
Stack Limit
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

A techprof subpersona core instantly completes the current research project when used.


Techprof subpersona cores cannot be crafted nor bought from traders. Instead they can be acquired as a reward for performing quests. Note that quest rewards are selected with a weighted random generator, so there is no way to guarantee access to a core in a given play-through. Anecdotally, it is often reported that the increased number of reward options added by the DLC dilute the reward pool with more options.

They can also rarely be found in ancient shrines.


Techprof subpersona cores can be used to instantly complete the research project that is currently selected for research by selecting a colonist, right-clicking the device, and selecting 'Use techprof subpersona core'.

Note that this only works on research projects that could otherwise research. Research without either the necessary prerequisites or techprints cannot be completed instantly using the core.


This can be used to quickly complete a long research such as the spaceship research, or can be used in an emergency to complete mortars or gun crafting.

Version history

  • 0.18.1722 - Added.
  • Beta 19 - No longer finishes a random research project, now completes the currently selected research project.