Sterile tile

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Sterile tile

Sterile tile

Sterile tiles with special cleanliness-enhancing properties. Extra-clean rooms improve outcomes in hospitals and research labs. This tile is very slow to build.

Base Stats

Market Value
24 Silver


1 ˣ 1
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Sterile materials
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
1,600 ticks (26.67 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 3 + Silver 12
Deconstruct yield
Steel 1 - 2 + Silver 6

Sterile tile is one of the many floors that you can construct. It has the highest cleanliness stat of 0.6.


Sterile tiles can be constructed once the Sterile materials research project has been completed. Each tile requires Steel 3 Steel, Silver 12 Silver, 1,600 ticks (26.67 secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 6.

This tile is relatively slow to construct for a floor tile, taking almost 19x longer than a standard wood floor.


Sterile tiles decrease the probability of infection in a hospital and the probability of food poisoning in a kitchen. Since Research is also affected by room cleanliness, research will gain a slight bonus if done in a room with sterile tile.


Combining sterile tiles with straw matting can increase the cleanliness of a room while decreasing accumulation of filth. Just put sterile tile under objects which can't be walked over, such as beds, tables, and shelves, while leaving the rest of the room with straw matting. The only room that should be all sterile is your triage room, right near the killbox. Hospitals can combine steel tile with straw matting. Straw matting can be used for most of the walkways, just put 3 tile wide stretches every once in a while of non-flammable tiles. Straw matting is 93% walk speed with 1/20th the filth accumulation. If you put a potted plant(daylily-18beauty) every 6 tiles for 3 width walkways, the beauty will be offset.

For hospitals: If you can afford to clean the hospital before healing/operating on a patient you might only need to worry about -20 debuff for cleanliness as you will only have to worry about the new blood spilling from the patient in bed (bleeds slower). The cheapest room size to maintain cleanliness for triage is 4x5, but has to be cleaned everytime. The most effective is 6x5.

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