Stasis cocoon

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Stasis Cocoon

Stasis Cocoon

When conditions are inhospitable, insects sometimes form stasis cocoons and burrow underground. These cocoons keep insects safe from fire, extreme temperatures, and other threats for years.
Pollutants can stimulate cocoons and cause them to resurface, and strong pollutants can attract cocoons from great distances.
Cocoons do nothing if they are not disturbed. If a cocoon is disturbed or destroyed, the insect within will awaken and attack, triggering other nearby cocoons in the process.

Base Stats



1 × 1
Cover Effectiveness

Stasis cocoons are structures added by the Biotech DLC.


Stasis cocoons appear during an event called Wastepack infestation. These events occur when wastepacks are left to deteriorate in a matter that allows pollution to spread.


The cocoons come in three different variants. Each corresponding one of the three types of insectoid in the base game. Upon appearing on the map following a wastepack infestation event, the cocoons remain dormant. However, upon being triggered, insectoids would burst out of said cocoons and attack any colonist in the vicinity in an agitated frenzy. Cocoons can be triggered by colonist standing close by, each cocoon has a radius of activation that should be avoided lest one wishes to spawn in insectoids.


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